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  • Patty Seyburn

Coast to Coast

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

This week, poems from Judith’s Taylor’s first collection of poems.

Coast to Coast

Stop playing the piano for years, and you can’t play arpeggios anymore.

Here, I’m no longer experienced in slush-walking.

Back then, everything was fattening and good for you.

Farrago is one of my favorite word. Also incarnadine. Lollygag. Shambolic. Reportage.

In Vermont there’s a lot of emphasis on maple flavor, which I like.

Do you know a passerine is a bird that grips branches?

Do you know what gazump means?

One can eat chocolate peanut butter frozen yogurt every season in L.A.

The tintinnabulation of the Good Humor truck still rings in my good ear.

From Curios. (Sarabande Books, Louisville, Kentucky, 2000.)

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