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Both Ears to the Ground*


Be happy: I have no intention of writing a blog. I have some intention of crafting or shaping, something like quilting a blog: an assembly of poems, lists, pictures, with just a small dose of commentary – more Bufferin than antibiotic. Once a week, I will post a poem I like – probably a poem I feel deserves more attention than it currently receives – or a list, because I like lists – or a photograph, probably something close-up so its intricacy is evident. I don’t know if all these elements will find ways to interact or even cling to one another, or if they’ll stay in their separate spaces. If I’ll find that all the poems contain the word “pastry” or the sixth line always has six syllables or there’s always a reflection buried in the poem (an image, not a thought) – if I will end up revealing consistency or an arbitrary nature. Not a clue. I hope that whomever this reaches will leave a little quizzical, possibly amused, possibly bemused, and may want to return. Either way, I am a forgiving person, by nature – surprisingly so, if you ask me.


To quote Miracle Max: have fun storming the castle.​

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