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"I read Patty Seyburn’s Threshold Delivery in one sitting with both admiration and envy. I kept looking for a lame, even a mediocre poem, but (alas) (I mean thankfully!) found none. This is intimidating for fellow poets but absolutely fantastic for readers. Rather magically, Seyburn charts a poetic landscape that maps memory, the voices of her children, philosophical inquiry, the Talmud, and the persistent presence of death. Oh, and Mah Jongg. I remain in awe of her wit, both wry and sly as well as her sense of craft. Realistic yet revelatory, lyric yet lapidary, dark yet delightful, in the Charleston that is this life, I’d be happy to be passed Threshold Delivery in every hand. It is a remarkable book."

— Dean Rader

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Poems range from short personal meditations and anecdotal narratives to associative flights of imagination and winding explorations, replete with historical oddities and popular culture. Densely musical and voice driven, poems take the reader on journeys through personal and family history, mapping the movement of the heart and mind through life’s most challenging moments. A series of poems, on the surface about Mah Jongg, look at interweaving cultural histories and how the social world affects our behavior, while asking us to consider what we inherit, what we bring with, and what we pass down, as we “draw and discard.”

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